Friday, December 22

mumbai and dilli

a friend of mine who shifted to
mumbai (bombay then) six years ago
just moved into a new flat a couple of months ago
was complaining of the traffic
(the reason why he moved out of his older place)

i told him the traffic in pusa road (delhi)
where i stay has actually improved
since the metro started running
(it was hell while it was being built)

but can that be a solution to mumbai?
with all the water in the rains and
no space to build a metro overhead

as each city grapples with the traffic chaos
one must understand that
we cannot have the same solution for different cities
their locations, orientations and historical development

delhi is lucky that it has space
and now gurgaon and noida
are planning metros to connect up to the capital

but mumbai will have to think up something new

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