Tuesday, May 29

make your token go the extra mile on the metro

On Sunday, I was off to Old Delhi. And the metro was crowded like hell. I guess a lot of the families were going to parathe wali gali and such like. Me and my friend forgot to get off at Chawri Bazaar. So we did the most natural thing. Got off the next (Chandni Chowk) station and then promptly got onto the train in the opposite direction.

You can do that with the Metro. As long as you do not spend more than two hours getting in and out, you can travel as much as you want. The trick is to not leave the station and get off at the destination where your ticket is valid. I can already see kids cruising the metro in the near future because of this loophole.

At the Chawri Bazaar station one ends up walking four flights of stairs to reach the exit points and if you have come from CP it looks like a different world. My friend who had come from Gurgaon ended up using three modes of transport – his car, the metro and rickshaw. I could see many tourists and families (south delhi types) heading off for excursions. The roads were half empty and most of the shops were shut. This sight always looks strange to me but there was a Japanese group walking through admiring the old buildings on the road leading to Jama Masjid. I’m sure they would not been able to survive Chandni Chowk for even a minute on Monday!!!

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