Saturday, June 2

Raja of Gawalior and Northern India Transport Company

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is going in for a new fleet of buses. They are also planning a revamp of their bus depots to build budget hotels (Imagine a conversation between two travellers during the Commonwealth Games - I'm staying in Vasant Vihar Depot and you? I'm in Sarojni Nagar Depot). They are also procuring 60 GPS fitted buses for the Metro feeder routes.

I was never a big fan of the DTC. Remember the Red, Green and Blue line buses? Years of reckless driving by them finally forced the government to look for alternatives like the metro. Seems to me that the DTC will become secondary to the Metro by 2010 in terms of number of people it will carry.

I found out that the DTC started off as the Gawalior and Northern India Transport Company and was incorporated in 1948. Read about all such exciting details here.

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