Sunday, July 8

How the Metro helped reinvent CP

Hindustan Times has this article on how CP is booming again partly due to the Metro.

Remember the time when the shokeepers were protesting against the metro construction and how it was taking away their business. Well apparently all that has changed. Business is up since Metro brings in people from all parts of the city. An additional clientèle are students from Delhi University who drop in often.

Unlike in the past when CP was considered an upper-crust market, now all classes of people come to shop here ”, says 70-year-old Satish Sundra of Ram Chandra and Sons, the city’s oldest toy shop.

Since the Metro attracts middle class travelers, it is interesting to note that most shopping complexes and markets along the Metro have reported an increase in footfalls. Easier to use the metro, shop and get back on the train than wasting a couple of hours to park your car and retrieve it.

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