Thursday, November 1

maybe its time to sell the car

driving in rush hour traffic
it suddenly dawned on me
that i had taken out the car
for the first time in a month

of course i had been traveling
for shoots out of Delhi
but i can recall at least
10 trips to CP
where i never reached for my car keys

now i do not look forward to visiting places
that are not on the metro route

so how much of my carbon footprint have i reduced?
well quite a lot
(for a guy who used to drive at least 500 km every month)
but more importantly
i have been walking a lot
around CP
rediscovering the place
that used to be my haunt many years ago

meeting to south delhi
require a short ride by an auto
and more often i return
with A in the car

how long can i sustain this ?
let me take it one metro ride at a time...

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