Monday, February 25

Car = 20th century

Newsweek reports that Japan is entered a phase of Post Car Society with car sales going down. One potential car customer all of 34 years who mostly uses subways and trains, sums it up:

"Having a car is so 20th century"

Wow! In one century they have almost done a turnaround. Apparently car sales have been dropping in Germany too and experts feel that other countries in Europe may be hit next. This why car manufacturers more interested in Asia, especially India and China.

One of the reasons for this decline in car usage has been because of the concentration of population in cities and using a car is becoming more of a nuisance. Another reason might be that public transport is cheap, good and efficient in most cities in Europe and Japan. Most of the population actually take out the car to go to the country or on special occasions.

How long will this take in Delhi? Here owning and driving a car is still a big deal. Inspite of the Metro arriving to most parts of north and west Delhi, many people are still reluctant to use it regularly. This is also because the feeder buses are still not in place.

I travel often to Dwarka and usual system is to use cycle rickshaws when you get off the metro stations. But as of now the rush on the trains is not much and many places in the township are still not developed. When that happens, we will need buses to connect up to far off places. These buses need to affordable and safe. In most world class cities when you step out of the suburban train system there are various options for you. Paris even has cycles on hire.

Till that happens, dilliwalahs will not abandon their cars.

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