Monday, April 21

BRT - why we should support it

The Bus Rapid Transport started its trial run on the Chiraag Dilli -Moolchand stretch this Sunday and apparently it was huge mess. The BRT is a new system of dividing up roads so that the traffic is smooth. At the core the idea is to separate cars, buses and cyclists. Ever since this system has been launchedseveral parts of the city are witnessing a feverish division of the roads.

In this system, all the present buses will be replaced by low floor high capacity buses which will run in the middle of the road. The bus stops have also been made in the center, well protected and actually easier for the pedestrians and bus users if all of us obey rules.

If all of obey rules that's the key phrase here. Every one has to stick to their lane. Something a dilliwalah never learnt. Apparently on Sunday no one understood which was their lane and kept jumping over dividers and therefore leading to a traffic jam.

When such practices are working in other cities (Istanbul, Paris) why should it not work here? Once you have air conditioned buses connecting upto metro stations, less people will use personal transport and lead to less cars on the road. As it is most of our laws, motor taxes and road planning favours private vehicles. No one bothers about the bus commuters or pedestrians.

Most of the complaints on news channels and newspapers have been from motorists who say it will not work in Delhi since people do not obey rules. About ten years ago many people argued that the Metro was expensive and people in Delhi will not pay for it. But once it has connected up to several parts of the city and made travel easier, most people prefer to use it.

I feel once the BRT system is put in place and people get used to lane driving, this will really ease out problem of traffic in many parts of South Delhi. But then for that the dilliwalah has to stick to his lane. Will that miracle ever happen?

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