Monday, April 28

First Paris and now Washington DC

Somewhen I had written how a unique scheme in Paris had helped encourage citizens to use bikes to travel around the city. These bicycles were to be parked near the Paris Metro stations and could be hired on an hourly basis using credit cards.

Now it seems Washington DC is planning a similar system where bikes will be available for hire at select locations. However pricing is crucial. If hiring the bikes is more expensive than say the shared taxi the system could fail. Therefore those behind this scheme have roped in advertisers to bring down rental costs.

The Metro in Delhi already has a system where you can park your bikes for free at the station if you have a smart card. But I feel the entire city needs to build itself around encouraging bikers so that we can see less cars on the roads. Maybe RWAs can be involved to manage such a system in each colony. That will ensure that the bikes are regularly maintained and they are not stolen.

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