Thursday, April 17

Today is the best day to try the metro


Well mostly because there are traffic restrictions with the Olympic Torch coming town. Almost reminds me of the times when the roads leading to my school used to be cordoned off because a foreign dignitary was coming to the cathedral. The Torch has become a living thing or a deity.

So you have to go to office. Your boss won't give you leave. And driving a car will be nightmare. Recently while returning late one night I found that all roads leading to the Chinese embassy were shut down. I had to take really long detour. My advice is - junk the car.

Now if your office is in CP its the easiest since all Metro lines lead there. But ITO or Nehru Place is going to be a problem. Get off of Indraprastha station and take a rickshaw. As soon as you get into the train you will realize that it is actually comfortable. The people around you look normal. When you get to your office there is no tension of parking your car. See it was a better ride.

On your return, take your time traveling. Look around the station. Enjoy the view. You may just get used to it.

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