Saturday, March 28

My Dentist and the Metro

So I made my infrequent trek to my dentist fearing the worst. As usual it was a small case of cleaning my teeth and fixing a loose cap but I was worried.

So I settle into the chair and she begins by asking why I haven't been regular. That is the one question that I was avoiding. In between her poking around, me spitting and then asking me to shift up a little more, I told her I had shifted to Karol Bagh. You know the standard explanation about how my parents had left the city and shifted back.

There. I said it. The dreaded K word that makes South Delhi people screw up their eyes. (Karol Bagh? Where is that? Isn't that near Rajouri Garden?)

Not this one. She smiled and said - You know pretty soon you can come here by the Metro.

I was stumped. What could I say? Of course with the Metro connecting up South Delhi one could technically travel anywhere on it.

But come to the dentist? That is one ride I will not be taking with a smile on my face !

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Life@60 said...

Reminds of the time I had taken you to the dentist, of course that was years back. Remember our discussions about the Germans and Japanese soldiers while waiting for our name to be called ?