Tuesday, September 1

My colony resembles CP...

...during the night.

Don't get me wrong. We are not opening an all night mall here. It just that the parking in my housing complex resembles the parking problems in CP.

Each time you drive in after eight there is hardly any space. Add to that continuous digging that swallows a couple places where cars could have nested in the night.

This was not the case when DDA decided to build Colony No 77. Planned in the 70s this was completed before the Maruti boom. It has seen a 500 times increase in cars with almost every house having at least two cars. From zero that is. How can you plan for so many cars? DDA needs to be complimented for that.

But now it seems we need a different solution. A multilevel parking perhaps.

Of course that is how CP seems to be solving the parking problem. They will have a 15 storey parking which is completely automatic. Robots and all. Who will I fight with then?

Let me suggest a multi level parking with a robot at the next Resident's Welfare meeting. The expressions on their faces would be priceless.

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