Monday, June 21

A shorter line from Gurgaon to Qutub Minar is set to open this week but already there is trouble ahead.

Three words - Parking Not Available.

Yes. You got that right.

They have got the Metro to Gurgaon and solved the problem for the thousands who work in glass cages that pretend to be buildings. But where would the Gurgaon resident park his car if he wants to take a ride?

This has been a problem even in Delhi where most stations do not have any parking. But the explanation for this is that (one) there is no space and (two) people can use rickshaws or walk to the station. In places where a station is serving a large area like Dwarka, Metro has feeder buses.

In Gurgaon too large parts of the city are far away from the metro line and can only be serviced by buses. But metro officials are not planning to start any feeder buses and point out that it is the state officials who are responsible for this. The funny thing is that they've spent thousands of crores of rupees to get Gurgaon connected, but not have the lakhs needed for the buses?

After the success of the Noida line, this was the line that was to be the busiest in the coming year. Looks like for now you will have to walk a mile to catch that Metro.

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