Thursday, January 18

kashmere gate station 8:45pm

my first post in 2007

came back from dehradun after a shoot
took a bus which put me down at ISBT

normally the next ten minutes
would be spent arguing with
an auto guy and then a one hour ride
through traffic choked streets to
karol bagh
this time
i decided to take the metro

the station at the bus adda
is huge
and confusing
i know that the stations in old delhi
go down five floors and all that
but here i didnt even know
how many time i went up and down
before i reached the actual platform
one possible reason was that
i could not figure out which of the four was mine

anyways i get onto the train
an old gent asks me
whether it will go to haus qazi

i almost blurt out not yet maybe in a couple of years
someone else nods
turns out they were not talking about HAUZ KHAS
which is of course in old delhi
thankfully no one noticed my red face

a group of girls in burqa were making plans
to go to an ice cream joint
while a lala was talking
on his giant nokia phone
(the one that opens up)

the fun thing was the entire trip
(which meant changing trains at CP)
took about 25 mins

A was waiting at the pusa road station
and i was home in half hour
what fun !!!

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