Friday, January 19

walking at the central park

now that CP metro has got completed
they opened up the central park
it is beautifully laid out
with lots of green areas
and there is an amphitheater
if you walk around and look hard

me and A
had to go to check out some audio systems
in CP
we wandered around window shopping
went to the people tree (they 've got new stuff)
at regal building
then onto keventers and wengers

we figured now with the metro
trips to CP have become like as if it is next door
and one can actually spend time there
without worrying about beating the rush hour traffic

going back home
we had to stop over in karol bagh
the funny thing was although i live nearby
i've never been to karol bagh station
located bang next to the main road
from the station you just walk down to the ajmal khan market
the crowds and never ending rows of shops

recently one had stopped going to both these markets
because there would be traffic snarls
and no place for parking cars
but today travelling to these places is a breeze

another advantage : if you use the metro
what with the entire process of getting to a station
and then going about your work etc.
you end up walking at least 1.5-2 km everyday
thats great for you

now thats a thought for most of us dilliwalahs

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