Thursday, February 22

metro vs tram

just got back from cal (or kol)
the only city that has a metro and trams
those rickety train like things that travel at a slow pace

for years people in cal have resisted
efforts to take the tram system apart
i always had conflicting views on it
when i traveled the roads
as the trams shuffled between the traffic of cal
a pattern, a sea of people and vehicles
jousting, making their way
sometimes i felt we would never negotiate
this traffic jam
slowly the wave would move forward
clear the crossing

am not talking about nostalgia
world over very few cities stil use trams
san fransisco
and these are becoming tourist landmarks

in India till the 60s delhi had a tram system
and bombay had one
till they were dismantled
by the town planners

i hear that the cal metro
will also go through a revamp
a new set of coaches and an extension
hope that happens soon

there will be one more reason to visit the city

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