Monday, May 14

Explorations 2 - Pir Ghaib

Route Plan: Get off the Tis Hazari Station and walk towards Rani Jhansi road junction. Turn right into the Ridge at the junction. Pir Ghaib is near the Hindu Rao Hospital.

With all this din about 1857, here is a place you can look up if you are spending time around the University.

Near the Hindu Rao Hospital lies a rubble of a double storey structure, popularly known as Pir Ghaib, which means 'Vanishing Saint'. There are some remains of a Baoli or step well nearby. The place got its name after a saint who disappeared while meditating here.

While studying at the university I used to pass this place taking the short cut through the Ridge on the days that I was lucky to get the only car I shared with mom and dad. Otherwise it was short walk (in winter) from Tis Hazari or the University.

Built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq it was supposed to be a hunting lodge. Now the ASI is studying the building as a possible astronomical observatory because the hollow masonry cylinder perforating the floor resembles a structure put up later by Jai Singh of the Jantar Mantar fame.

The place gained importance in 1857 when it was the centre of action during the siege of Delhi. Many of the sepoys hid in this area during the months of May and June. Later when the British captured Delhi, Pir Ghaib was used as outpost to keep track of rival armies in the area.

It is interesting that most of the people who come to Pir Ghaib today are non- Muslims from a nearby village. The practice apparently started after 1857 when many Muslims were expelled from Delhi for five years and other communities began to take care of the place.

Today the monument is almost hidden away in the ridge with occasional lovers and college student group wandering into the compound.


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