Saturday, July 21

ferrying to the tram Istanbul style

today i ended up takıng
three dıfferent modes of publıc transport
ferry,train & the tram
have the metro and the bus
on my agenda next

Istanbul is traveller´s delight
so many ways to move around
how many cities can claim more than four?

the tram system started way back in 1869
in fact the official tram website
lists six(!) different transport systems over land
that are beıng managed today

an interesting trivia is that
most trips cost the same
about 50 rupees
it does not matter how far you are going

if you think that is strange
check this out...

you can get a smart tıcket - Akbıl
that can be used
on all publıc buses, ships, ferrıes, metro and tunnel systems
so if i am hopping from one system to the other
i do not have to buy a new ticket
just walk across and board that tram
or bus
or metro
or ferry

now if only we would have something
lıke this for the Metro and the DTC in delhi....
but not at Istanbul prices !!!

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