Sunday, July 22

riding up the tünel ın Istanbul

went for an trip to Taksim Square
on the tünel
actually a single bogey tramlike contraption
which runs underground
from Karaköy to Tünel Square

the ride was hardly five minutes
the train literally creaked
as it climbed up the hill

no wonder
it is desctribed as a
''railway in the form of an escalator''
this supposed to be the second oldest form of underground transport
after the London Underground

after i had wandered around a bit
i decided walk down to the hotel
when i caught sight of this cute lookıng tram
what a ride !!
the system is slow but works fine
since the streets designated for the tram
rarely have cars

with shops lined up on both sides
you can window shop as you
move along

it must be fun growing up
in this city
that is if your parents let you ride these things alone...

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