Monday, October 22

biking down to the metro

last August when I was in Paris
i came across a set of bikes
arranged in order
waiting for people to pick them up
for a ride in the city

my friend told me this was new project
started in July 15
aimed at solving the city's traffic problems
anyone can rent out one
using a credit card
there are 15000 bikes near all the metro stations

while the first half hour is free
the costs go up to 160 rupees (4USD) per half hour
after one and half hours
an average ride costs about 2USD

the bikes themselves are
have three speed gears
and have survived uses by thousands of cyclists
according to the official website
the bikes have been rented six million times
and the users have ridden over seven million miles

why can't we have
this kind of options
for Delhi
with bikes lined up at the stations?

in places like Dwarka
or CP
this would work ideally for people
who have to return to the metro station
of course one could also have a monthly pass system
that could tie up with the metro pass

in new colonies in Gurgaon and Vasant Kunj
that will be connected in the future
bikes would work very well
since the metro will not be able to cover
the entire sector or block

this would also mean a reduction
in auto rickshaws (therefore less pollution)

however this would mean
a re-planning of our roads
so that they become more cycle friendly
right now a cyclist has no chance of surviving them...

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