Thursday, October 18

ride to Karim's

went with a couple of friends to karim's
yesterday night
with the evenings turning colder
the ride on the metro was fun

its surprising that
most dilliwalahs
are yet to take a ride on the metro
and each time i go with a friend
they are amazed how easy it has become
to go to purani dilli
earlier they would come to this side of town
once a year

of course the trip is a historian's delight
starting at green park
parking the car near rail bhavan
the India gate lit up at a distance
an auto to Old Delhi from CP
we returned by the Metro
from Chawri Bazaar

the entire area around Jama Masjid was lit up
(either they forgot to take off the lights after Id
or they were celebrating Dussehra in advance)
money changers and beggars roamed around in the crowds
i couldn't help noticing the the large number of families that were
walking the markets so late in the night

i really cannot
describe the meal in
english language
just a note to say
that as usual we ordered too much
yet my friends
asked for another phirni
in the end

we walked back to the station
since there was still time for the last train
(metro has trains running till 11 now)
we spotted a man holding five toy swords
(no doubt for his nephews and nieces)
and i was remined of Dussehra as a child

we finished the trip
with coffee at barista
(takeaways only since they do not serve after 11)
in three hours we had sampled
food products that spanned
several continents and centuries...

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