Sunday, May 18

The last tram outpost

Last week i spent some time in that city
which still has trams running as a regular mode of transport...


crisscrossing the city i remembered Istanbul
Kolkatta has almost the same variety of travel options for the tourists
rickety buses
a metro with 80's style bogies
river ferries
cycle rickshaws
hand drawn rickshaws
and the trams

yes those rickety things that lumber along
and you can actually catch up on
your morning paper (twice over)
or catch up on your sleep

i encountered so many streets in the city like this one
where one could see
different technologies transporting
the people to their destinations

i think the tourism people here
should seriously consider
making a day tour schedule of the city's landmarks
using different modes of transport

after all many tourists
use Palace on Wheels to travel in Rajasthan
in the case of Kolkatta
this kind of a day tour would appeal to
the back packer tourist

a real sastaa way to see the city....

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