Sunday, June 1

The last time I went to a petrol pump

Must have been two months back...

Of course the entire 2007 was spent experimenting with using the metro as much as possible. I almost contemplated selling my car !

Then a brainwave struck. (Actually it was a friend's example). I decided to try CNG. The initial cash down was the bummer. But since then its almost like I have been transported to the 90's. I mean when was the last time that your fuel bill was a thousand bucks (!) for a month of normal driving.

There was the initial apprehension of not finding CNG and long line sat the pump. But slowly you get used to the idea and figure out solutions (the lines are shortest between 11 and 4) and money you fork out each time -120, 155, 147 (in rupees) - want you to run back to Barista and have another shot of coffee.

Meanwhile no one really catches the smile I have on my face when I pass a petrol pump ...

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