Saturday, May 26

Yet another Metro Line

From Central Secretariat – Khan Market – Defence Colony – Okhla – Badarpur. Yummy, now (in two years) it will be possible to go to Stone (Def Col) get drunk and return home without an accident.

But I found the artist’s impression in Hindustan Times of the metro crossing the Defence Colony flyover really funny. If you look carefully there are two lanes for traffic, one dedicated bus corridor and a metro line. Isn’t that a little too much to squeeze into that space? Or is that the artist is got the proportions wrong with the buildings falling over?

Anyways, residents are already up in arms that this will damage the skyline of the “historic” city. I can’t understand this logic. What's "historic" about Def Col and GK I that the metro is going to damage? Thank god none of these idiots were there when the Qutub Minar was built. A city's skyline keeps changing as it grows and that is the charm.

The only reason the metro should be below the ground in some places is for security or safety. Some of the views you get on the Dwarka line are simply amazing. You can actually see those portions of the city on western edge that are getting built and brought under green cover.

I have another suggestion for saving the skyline in fact this would improve it. MCD should pass a rule that in future all houses in South Delhi must be built underground. That way we won’t get to see the eyesores.

Image : Hindustan Times


Anonymous said...

The historic part about south delhi and GK Def Col is that they are standing reminders of the graduation many refugees made as they pushed the Delhi Jaat further into the hinterland...also many not so honest army types made enough money so they could live together in a fortress of stone till they decided to sellout again!!!

Anonymous said...

You write very well.